Roger Waters, who had been a founding member of the popular music band Pink Floyd, had given the rights to Blurred Vision, that is a duo who is currently a resident of Canada, in order to remake the classic with the title “Another Brick in the Wall.”
The video had comprised of several images of Ayatollah Khamenei and had also included the footage of the street violence that had followed the disputed elections of the last year in Iran. Since then he has become a YouTube sensation and has managed to attract more than 100,000 hits. The video has been composed by individuals who call themselves Sepp, who is 28, and Sohl, who is 35, and who do not reveal their surname for fear that their family members who are residents of Iran will be in danger.
The brothers are hoping that the song that is titled “anti-authoritarian message” is going to help highlight the suffering of several people in Iran.
Roger Waters has added an additional 12 Dates To his tour titled “The Wall Tour” and it had been a top story in the month of May. For those who missed it, here is the recap: owing to the tremendous response that Roger Waters' had gotten he had added 12 new shows to production that had been in celebration of his 30th Anniversary of The Wall and had featured a full band and latest art production. In every few years there is one item or the other regarding the music band that is Pink Floyd. Here is the best way to see Roger Waters live shows buy cheap Roger Waters tickets and enjoy his rocking concerts.