The popular music band Pink Floyd’s founding member named Roger Waters had experienced no qualms whatsoever regarding the issue of permission to a Canadian band that had wanted to rerelease Pink Floyd’s classic song titled "Another Brick in the Wall" for the purpose of being used as an anthem for the young Iranians.
This had been a Toronto-based music band that is named Blurred Vision and it is composed of two band members who are its front men. These are two exiled Iranian brothers who have re penned the lyrics so that they would be a better expression of the resentment that is felt by the young Iranian’s toward their government. In Iran it is not legal to make and play rock music.
Waters had revealed in an interview that he had been very encouraging towards these artists that they should use the respective song for resisting all kinds of oppression.

He gave another statement that the respective band in his view was playing a significant role in "the fight against the government that was not only repressive but also very brutal. What’s more Waters had also taken time out from the continuous rehearsals he had been a part of in order to talk about the aforementioned issue.
He had said that he had not only been pleased with but was also a firm supporter of the resistance of school children in South Africa who were falling victim to the repressive and the brutal regime and that he also applauded the efforts of all those who had been supporting the resistance of the Palestinian children in Gaza and also the West Bank. Here is the easiest to see roger waters  live shows buy cheap roger waters tickets and enjoy his rocking concerts.